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Tough Problems, Simple Solutions!

Weather can create all sorts of problems with doors and locks and we know weather here in Buffalo! Doors shift, locks freeze - all are simple enough lock problems to solve with the right tools and knowledge... but sometimes all you need is an ice pick, or a screwdriver in this case. The customer was away from his Buffalo house, enjoying the much nicer weather a few hundred miles south. He called and said his friend went to check in on his house and upon leaving, couldn't lock the door. Asking a few questions about the sort of locking mechanism the door has, I suggested the problem is probably that snow got in the way of the door closing shut, preventing the lock bolts from aligning. The Buffalo Bills were going to start playing soon so the friend had to leave and customer requested I go check it out. This is what I found, a little ice on the doorjamb that prevented the door from closing completely which the lock bolts were misaligned and could not protrude into the jamb. Broke the ice off with my screwdriver, through it out, problem solved, customer is satisfied. The end.

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