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Kaba Simplex install

Updated: Apr 10

Just wanted to show a nice job I did for a customer. The customer wanted a Kaba Simplex installed on his front door. The Kaba Simplex 7000 series in a mechanical push button lock. Some of the things that make it different from electronic key pad locks are:

  1. It doesn't need batteries which also means it never runs out of power.

  2. There's no key override.

  3. It can only have one code at a time.

  4. Its not too complicated to change the code, but the code has to be changed at the lock.

This lock tends to be popular with religious jews, reason being is that due to the fact that it's purely mechanical, it can be used on Saturdays (another name for it is Shabbos Lock).

As always recommend when installing keypad locks, I also disable all locking features on the mortised lockset underneath to prevent accidetal lockouts. To do that I modified some of the internal parts of the lock to preserve its look. Pictures below.

There's no need to know the combination in order to extend the bolt and lock it from the outisde. From the inside, you can either lock or unlock it. The part is used to fairly easily change the combination on the lock.

On other doors in the house - bathroom doors, I replaced the existing older mortised locksets with modern schlage privacy locks. The nemefit of those is that they're easily locked from the inside to ensire your privacy, but they also only require a simple tool to unlock so that being locked out is never an issue. You can follow the link beloew to watch these particular ones at work. Other makes or lock models might have slight variations on the workings of the lock.

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