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Locksmith on the Move: Serving Clarence, Medina, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo in One Morning

I started the day bright and early at the Clarence Travel Plaza, where a storage unit was missing its keys. Thankfully, I was able to quickly pick the lock and cut new keys, getting the customer back on track in no time.

Key tirned in Doorknob, Clarence NY
Doorknob keyed

From Clarence, I headed to the charming town of Medina. I've always had a soft spot for Medina, having spent time there with a friend who owned a beautiful property just outside of town, complete with woods and a river. We used to go camping and ride 4-wheelers on his land. He dealt with old Cadillacs and often called me for help with key and security issues, which is how we became friends. This visit, however, was for a different task: a 2011 Impala with lost keys. After cutting and programming new keys, the car started right up despite sitting idle for a while. With its low mileage and remote start feature, it's a great car, especially for those cold winter mornings.

Making a key and remote for a 2011 Chevy Impala in Medina NY
Keys for 2011 Chevy Impala
Serene life in Medina, NY
Serene life in Medina

Next on the agenda was Niagara Falls, where a congregation was moving to a new church and needed their locks changed. This job included a few exit devices, which took a bit more time, but the sense of community and positive energy in the air made it a joy to work there. I hope their new home serves them well!

Rekey kit and cylinders at Niagara Falls
Rekey kit and cylinders

Finally, I returned to Buffalo to help a customer with a malfunctioning Codelocks keypad. I had previously ordered some parts and was able to switch them out, restoring the lock to perfect working order. These locks are quite pricy, so I was glad to offer an economical solution for my customer.

Servicing a CL5000 Codelocks keypad in Buffalo NY
Codelocks CL5000

All this before 1 PM! When I say I'm a mobile locksmith, this is exactly what I mean. Covering so much ground in one morning and helping a variety of customers with their unique needs is what makes my job so rewarding.

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