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When fixing an older mortised lockset wasn't a viable option..

Was rekeying a few locks for a customer and noticed a mortised lockset with a mulfunctioning latch.

I origianlly thought an internal broken spring was the issue. Once I opened the lockset however, I realised both the spring and the pieces its suppose to engage were gone, most likely due to an emergency "fix" done by another locksmith or handyman long ago. I ended up installing cover plates which covered the mortised lockset prep and also prepped the door to accept a modern stule doorknob. The customer was very happy to have a funtioning doorknob again, after 20+ years of having to lock the deadbolt in order to keep this interior door shot!

Mortised lockset removed
Mortised lockset removed

Doorknob and cover plates interior side
Closeup of interior side

Doorknob and cover plates exterior side
Exterior side od doorknob and cover plates.

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