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Just as things were going so well...

Updated: May 13

Ensuring a successful locksmith business involves more than just possessing the right tools and expertise. It goes beyond knowing how to rekey locks or crafting replacement car keys for those who've lost theirs. Even with top-notch key cutting machines, extensive knowledge, training, and a well-stocked inventory, your success hinges on being easily accessible to customers seeking your locksmith services.

In my previous stint as a locksmith, I thrived by cultivating a loyal customer base over several years. However, in my current venture, following a semi-retirement spanning over five years, and still only a few months still starting work as a locksmtih again, I'm still relying heavily on Google Maps to connect with those in need of locksmith assistance, be it during emergencies or scheduled appointments. Having my Google Maps listing suspended has proven to be quite disheartening. I'm left questioning whether I inadvertently violated any policies or if another one of Buffalo's fine locksmiths perceived me as a threat. This unexpected setback has me eagerly anticipating a swift resolution. I'm hopeful that soon, I'll resume my locksmith services in Buffalo and assist those in need. More than once I was told on a late night lockout that I was the only locksmith to answer after trying 4-5 different ones..

This experience is underscoring the importance of not only building a loyal customer base but also diversifying customer acquisition channels. Relying less on any single source ensures a more resilient business model, one that can weather unforeseen challenges and continue to thrive.

So, if you need a competent locksmith in the greater Buffalo, NY area, let me know!

local locksmith profile supension
local locksmith profile supension

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