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Winter is coming! (and so do keys getting lost in the snow)

Updated: May 13

Reflecting on my first winter as a locksmith, I was astonished by how many individuals lost their keys in the snow. Curiosity led me to a simple experiment after a storm - dropping my own keys into the snow. I was surprised how they just vanished! Luckily, the small hole they in the snow allowed me to retrieve them by just sticking my hand through it, but it struck me how easily keys could be lost until the snow melted.

So first of all, if you find yourself in a similar predicament, whether it's house or car keys, I'm here to help. I can swiftly come to your location and create new keys on the spot. Even better, I offer duplications for house or car keys, including smart keys and remotes. Don't wait for an emergency—reach out beforehand for a stress-free and cost-effective solution!

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