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Why deburring a key is important!

Got a call from a lady, she was stuck at another locksmith's parking lot. She stopped by there to get a duplicate made for her 2006 Chevy Equinox. Unfortunately the duplicate didn't work.. and now neither did her original key! That's when I got in the picture her. I went over to inspect the ignition upon scoping the wafers, I noticed one of them stuck. Lubricating, tapping, lubricating again, wiggling - nothing would free it up. At this point there's no choice but replacing the ignition. I did have the replacement ignition lock cylinder for her car in stock so was able to get her back on the road that same evening. Cut her some duplicates as well and made sure everything was working well. As a personal note I'll add that I'm somewhat disappointed in the way the other locksmith handled the situation. He did not take responsibility and as far as he cared the lady would've been stranded there. He did quote her a pretty high quote for something that in my opinion was his responsibility to fix, at most charging for material 40-50$, not the 300$ he quoted her. Sometimes older locks are so used to the old worn out keys, that a new key can make them go bad with the wafers travelling further in their chambers than they're used too - that is a possibility, but still, I feel it is the locksmith's responsibility to take care of problems even if he was only MAYBE at fault. Not deburring the key properly could also very well cause this, and my guess is that was the reason. If it was dirt and grime, cleaning and lubricating would've eventually freed up the stuck wafer and fixed the issue. And that is, my friends, why deburring a key properly is important, as well as choosing a reputable and fare locksmith to get your keys from.. Take care!

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