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Push lock servicing on an old medicine cabinet

Updated: May 13

Might be a bit of a boring post but I was very happy with how nice this job turned out. Was called to service an old medicine cabinet at the hospital - its lock stopped working. Was a bit of an odd lock but I thought I was lucky since the cabinet had the details for the maufacturer as well as a model number for the locking medicine cabinet. I left after informing the customer it should take 7-10 business days to get the replacement parts... But, when I called the manufacturer a couple hours later, I was informed by the representative that this cabinet is "not supported anymore". They couldn;t even provide me with part numbers for the push lock cylinder. Their only solution: buy a new medicine cabinet for a few thousand dollars... great business model... Now, though push locks are definitley produced and sold, that old push lock is pretty special. Both in size which is quite a bit smaller than any push lock I know of, and also in the way its held in place with a clip. I posted some pictures of it on different locksmith forums but other than suggestions for showcase ractcheting locks, got no help with finding a good replacement. Eventually I remebered the timberline line of products which do have a smaller diameter than most. ORdered a couple of those, as well as some other push locks and a ratcheting lock as a backup and went back to install. I'll tell you, I was surprised how awesome the new locks installed. I drilled the whole a little bigger for them to fit, as well as to holes in the back to river them in place and it was just perfect. So perfect, the customer asked me to also replace the other lock on the cabinet which I was happy to oblige! For any locksmith work in Buffalo or teh surroundings, for a personal touch and solution oriented service, feel free to get in touch! For photos of your work however, especially onces who would capture the results, I might not be the best fit for the job... :)

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